Thursday, 9 May 2013

Business Card Design

My final business card design.

My Career Plan

Since spending my time at University I have become more independent in being productive with my own self initiated projects and illustrations. 
I have found my experience of university to be not that of what i expected it to be and at times I've found it extremely challenging however, i've made it to the end and now is the time to seriously think about what i want to do when i step into the big wide world(SHIT!!!)

Although i am not entirely 100% sure what it is i want focus upon there are certain routs i would like to venture on.

Firstly i feel i would benefit from finding a job as a junior graphic designer for me to be able to develop my skills and understand what it's really like to be a graphic designer.
It would also help be to meet people with the same creative interests and therefore helping me to build up more contacts.

My main aim is to be part of a collective of illustrators/illustration agency.
I've discovered since being at uni that i have a greater desire to become an illustrator and not solely a graphic designer be it freelance or the way in which i work and pursue my career as a designer.

Below is a list of collectives i've discovered whilst being at uni all focussing upon illustration and graphic artists.

Now the time when i finish university is coming up i want to spend my time between searching for a career job in developing my illustrative style furthermore, expanding my creative horizons whilst building a name for myself as a designer/illustrator.
I'm also planning to take up screen printing since i plan to take part in a
 day workshop over the summertime. This is another way in which i can build up creative contacts inside knowledge.

Now i just need to get out there and do it!

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

FMP - Romeo and Juliet Paper Cuttings

My take on the story of Romeo and Juliet told over a four day period in the media of my own paper cuttings. 
These will then be used to create shadows as part of an interactive way to tell the story.

Day 1: 
Romeo kills Tybalt
Romeo + Juliet spend Monday night together
Capulet arranges for Paris and Juliet to marry

Day 2:
Juliet goes to Friar Laurence who gives her distilling liquor 
Juliet drink potion on Tuesday night

Day 3:
Juliet is discovered 'dead' and is buried the same day
Romeo buys poison before leaving for Juliets tomb in Verona
Finds body of Juliet
Murders Paris and drinks poison just before Juliet awakes to find him dead beside her
She kills herself

Day 4:
They are discovered in the early hours of Thursday morning


Recent quick observational sketches I did whilst in the studio at uni.

Business Cards

My own business card designs as part of my portfolio and professional practice work.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013